Can you Stop Comparing Yourself to People, Forever?

Alex Iglecia, MA
2 min readMar 13, 2021

It doesn’t matter who you compare yourself to. You lose.

When you compare yourself to a mentor, to a colleague, to a friend, a myth or movie star, you have to end up either superior or inferior. Or both! The results work against you.

If you stopped to read this, you want to stop comparing yourself to others. Acknowledge you want it — for you.

Comparing yourself causes half-heartedness or hustle. Sloth or burnout. Self-doubt or arrogance. Overkill or underperformance. Blame or shame.

When you compare, you can’t ‘be better and do better’ in a satisfying way. You’re driven by fear & judgment while you hide your true direction from yourself.

That’s why you feel excited and ready go, take some steps, get distracted, bored, and lose motivation. The problem is you’re not going in your direction. You can’t go in theirs because you are not them. For a moment, you’re fucked. We can change that.

What’s needed is a resolve where you know you’re equal to the real task — your life’s direction. You can’t turn off your body’s comparison systems completely, so you need to choose how you channel it. What if you compared to something connected to your life’s own direction?

To stop comparing yourself to others, compare your now-self to your former-self. Like your life depends on it.

Take a solid minute to do this. It may seem difficult. Then it will shift. By the end, you’ll recognize something epic. I can’t tell you what, but you can tell me what you discover.

Do this a few times and the auto compare systems will start to help you, motivate you, and align you for your future.

Make your life your own by owning your life’s direction.

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