Do You Want to Be Free from Labels?

Alex Iglecia, MA
2 min readMar 9, 2021

I hate labels.

Are you an entrepreneur? Coach? Creator? Maker? Facilitator? Teacher? Guide? Good wife? Good husband?

Just choose! But why does it hurt to choose just one? The struggle is real! Escape the box! FUuUuuUucK.

Every label limits you from doing anything out of integrity with what that labels means to you. Your personal definition of the label is the trap. Expand how you see it.

What the label means to you is what makes you strive. To prove. Learn and earn. So that you deserve. Deserve what? Depends on you, but I’ll bet it’s the form of love you need.

Love is expensive in the society game, but love is free in the game of life.

What better game would make you happy?

Every label is a freedom that paves the way to achieving the best possible expression of you. As an experiment, what happens when you see a label as an overflowing cup of possibilities that quench your thirst? Choose a label. Try it.

Then there’s the worst label of all. The big trap. Your name.

It was a great journey for me to stop reacting to my own name as if something was wrong. Was it me or what I was doing? Who I was being? I landed in acceptance, difference, a stand out self who took risks to be true and free.

Now I believe that every label is a form of service. The gift of all you do by being you. It’s an Epic starting place if you’re going through something hard or getting going with something new. Choose a label. Feel the shape of its love.

We have the power to see labels as doors between leadership, life and love. When we let ourselves be all things, we can love fully. When we choose how to show up, we amplify the strength to give & receive with all our hearts.

Thank you, labels.

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