Don’t Create a Group Program Before You Do This

Alex Iglecia, MA
2 min readMar 15, 2021

Don’t create a group program from a passion or an idea about what people want. There are exceptions, but…

You know nothing until they pay with attention or money.

I launched programs badly for years and watched too many people do the same thing. There’s one thing we did wrong. I’ll tell you what mentors told me years ago when I thought I was too excited, passionate and aligned to listen.

Do not create a group program if you can’t name the promise in one phrase. What problem or pleasure is your program about? Can you explain it to a stranger? Wait if you don’t have too many people wanting what you offer. Instead:

1A. Max out your 1:1 Coaching, Consulting or Creating.

Do it until you are so successful that you have to scale to grow revenue & impact. You’ll know what works, what sells, what words to use and what people want from you next.

2. Pre-Sell a group program, build & deliver, then iterate.

Don’t build a big thing on a platform and try to sell it. Having a built program at this stage makes it harder, not easier, to sell because you built something no one asked for.

You may insist on your idea. You’ve got spunk! To create a group program before you max out 1:1 or rock it yourself…

1B. PRE-SELL what doesn’t exist yet.

I failed to sell anything I pre-built. I’ve sold things that didn’t exist yet for $500-$10,000. It’s a trail-blazing path to fire up confidence when you co-create with the buyer.

Write it on a napkin. Who what when why how-much? No website. No sales page. Nothing fancy. Enjoy conversations online or off. Aim for a single post or tweet to inspire raised hands. When you can pre-sell without conversations, that means you’re really onto something.

Your program is for growing. Get growing by knowing.

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