Fuel the Epic Fire Inside You to Create

Alex Iglecia, MA
2 min readMar 5, 2021

How to go from good to great with what you create:

Make it Epic

This process is profound and simple, deep and actionable:

Creating something meaningful & want fuel for your fire?

Let’s assess, expand, and make it epic, so by the time we’re done, you have clarity and some helpful tools.

Assess: are you blocked, stuck, confused, resistant, overwhelmed, burnt out, doing too much, doing too little, not willing to be successful, not willing to fail, or something else? One or more of these terms should give you a feeling of where you’re at now. Breathe.

Expand: you have your stories and you have your Epic. What’s the difference? Your Epic is above and beneath and driving all your stories. It’s about what you do by being you on your life’s heroic journey. Want to see the framework of your quintessential contribution? Breathe!

Make it epic: relax your body so you can intuitively answer two questions. Just ask. Sit. Words will come from deep inside you. Notice & feel. Capture every words by watching and writing. Make one list for each question and at the end, choose one word that is the essence of the entire list.

1. What is your greatest achievement?

Why what when where who? Max out your list, then answer:
When I am experiencing that, I am being _____________.

2. What is your greatest fear?

Why what when where who? Write it out. Max out your list, then answer: When I am experiencing this, I am being _____________.

Take word #1 and write it on the right side of a new page.

Write word #2 on the left. Connect both words with a clockwise circle to see the cycle. This pattern has been the background of your existence. It is your epicness. Welcome home.

3. Fuel your Epic fire.

Take an important question, topic, skill, problem, person, dream or goal and place it in the middle of the cycle. Connect the dots. Feel it fully. Something new will emerge every time. What emerges?

Take it and shape it. Form it. It’s all love. Write and ship it, speak it and be it. Be you doing what only you can do.

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Alex Iglecia, MA

Want clarity? Renewed energy? A shift in your state and increased resilience? You just need the right questions and a different point of view.