Golden Path Embodiment Practice of 12 Gene Keys — Gates — Hexagrams

Alex Iglecia, MA
9 min readOct 21, 2020

Here’s a 33-minute embodiment practice to map body-mind patterns to my Gene Key Golden Thread sequence of Gene Keys / Gates / Hexagrams. If you do it, it will gift you so much, open many doors, and activate clarity and receiving.

You may be thinking, “but Alex, how is watching something based on you going to help me?” Super question. The short answer is the eight fundamental patterns are important for everyone, just like we are each capable of hip and shoulder flexion and extension. We all use them. All the time. It’s only the sequence that’s unique to me, but will contribute to you. I’ll explain in more depth below.

Leave a comment about your experience! Do it 6 days in a row for deep results.

How this Practice Opens & Aligns You

This body-first practice is built based on my Golden Path profile from the Gene Keys. Why? Because I was inspired and stuck.

Years ago, I mapped my Gene Keys profile to hexagram-specific movements for the first time because I needed to get out of my head and into tangible results feeling whole and alive and worthy.

I needed immediate shifts in my experience and had been stuck finding the right words to trust to feel my purpose. Having been a engineer, movement teacher, experience designer and coach and trainer for years in multiple contexts, I drew on four tools and insights to create this synthesis: Gene Keys + Human Design + UZAZU + Being Epic.

Here’s what I learned:

You’ve heard about morning routines, daily habits, and the value of being you. But how do you DO that? So many ways. All ways are ways of embodiment otherwise nothing actually happens. But not just any embodiment. Embodiment that is about alignment. Aligned to what? True you…



Alex Iglecia, MA

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