Got pain? What’s the cause?

Do you have any pain?

Today I have some back stiffness from yesterday’s workout because I did some things differently, worked with some weaknesses, and dug into some core causes of those weaknesses.

So there’s a little ‘pain’ and I’m using it as inspiration because my relationship with pain has been painful on a lot of levels. At this point, I know a lot about pain (though I’ll admit Beth has a much higher pain threshold, sheesh!)

My point of view about pain is different from the experts who have been my colleagues and teachers. More holistic? Perhaps. A little weirder? Yes.

Many causes of pain can be totally glossed over when you just take one approach and hope for the best. Like most yoga classes. So not invented to actually help with pain, believe it or not. Or you get stuck with an expert with only one point of view and toolset. (if you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail, right?)

Finding a real cause makes the healing work faster, but means you have to take a bigger view where the cause could be anything, including not at all what you think.

Three categories of causes of pain:

Some causes of pain in your body are *mechanical* and have to do with your posture, how you move, unconscious habits. How have you molded your body over the years? Your movement sucks, hurts, is limited, it’s not fun to be strong, and you avoid easy daily mobility and movement that works.

Then what suffers is everything you love to do. Know what I mean?

Many are *non-mechanical* and include: stuck emotions, something you’re refusing to be or do, a long list of can’ts, trying to be liked while not liking yourself, blame and shame and guilt, grief, or confusing the resistance of joy for loss and missed opportunities to enjoy what life is always offering.

Then what suffers is, oh yeah, everything you love to be. Who needs enthusiasm, you know?

Finally, the *weird* causes, like: empathically taking other people’s pains, using your divine gifts without your conscious control or acknowledgment, hiding your own real dreams from yourself, processing larger issues with your body because, of course, you’re part of everything, like, for real.

For my client, H, with a previously broken neck, he reduced a log of pain and limitation and making it better had little do with new exercises.

What suffers with the weird causes is everything valuable to you because if you are literally abusing and denying parts of your own existence, how can you value your life let alone own and love it?

So… thankfully, there are lots of tools you can use to move and heal! But I suggest: get clear on the cause before applying the tool. At least ask the question! You’ll save yourself a lot of time and suffering. On the other side of that suffering is a success you’ve known is possible.

What part of all this do you relate to?

I hope this is helping make sense of things.

What’s possible?

Is an old pain limiting your work, business and life? It’s the only thing that really does. Do you look forward to your day?

I learned to be pathetic at a young age. Totally by accident. People were just looking out for me, but I chose to believe deep down that I was broken and pathetic. Ever since I was told not to workout out because I have a ‘bad’ back, I’ve been collecting solutions (and soul-utions) to having pain and owning that potential.

On my road to heal and empower myself, I have helped people get to that other side. I started teaching when I was 15. With martial arts, the other side was feeling empowered and confident. Later with personal training and yoga, I taught smart people how to use their bodies better. Then after Conscious Evolution, my work took a big step into connecting the dots of pain to what someone should really do with their time on the planet.

Connecting the dots is one way to heal pain. When you learn to move better, you connect dots. When you understand your history, you connect dots. When you discover who you really are and what you really do, you connect dots.

What could that new level after pain be like for you?




Want clarity? Renewed energy? A shift in your state and increased resilience? You just need the right questions and a different point of view.

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Alex Iglecia, MA

Alex Iglecia, MA

Want clarity? Renewed energy? A shift in your state and increased resilience? You just need the right questions and a different point of view.

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