How to Find Home with your Niche Today

Alex Iglecia, MA
5 min readJul 31, 2021

Imagine you could turn all your passions, purpose, trauma and talent into your wonderful thing. A dream? A reality. But we have to see niche differently.

If you’ve been struggling with your niche in business, love or life for a year or longer, let’s break a few eggs.

I’ve been a niche resistance king since I learned that I should pick a niche and get started selling something. That it would lead me to thriving. But it didn’t.

$$$ coaching, $$ therapy, and $ marketing products didn’t help.

What did?

Learning that niche meant nest.

Niche’s etymology is nidus, which means nest.

Imagine feeling “I’ve found my niche.”

“I am home. Thriving. Having enough, feeling valuable & loved through good days and bad.”

The problem-solution mindset might be the problem that keeps people like us stuck.

People who care.

What if home was the heart of your niche?

Where does your love meet the soul of the world?

Sit with this Fun Niche-as-Nest Framework your Biz to Take FLIGHT:

🦅 Know How You Fly

🐦 Gather & Build

🐣 Birth & Nurture

🐥 Teach & Train

🐧 Kick Out & Fly

🦉 Gain Wisdom & Repeat

What if the purpose and passion that brings you joy with niche was home, love, care, heart, nurture, kicking-out-of-the-nest empowerment?

What if your bio, offers, products, courses, brand and message went there?

What would your speaking, leading, selling and impact be like?

We’re about to break some eggs and see what hatches.

You’ve learned a lot about niche and marketing. You’ve survived a lot of shoulds and shouldn’ts. It sucks.

You’ve felt judged.


Time to let your heart share your calling and let your genius fly?

Alex Iglecia, MA

Want clarity? Renewed energy? A shift in your state and increased resilience? You just need the right questions and a different point of view.