The Bigger Game Beyond Purpose: The First Acceleration for Your Impact

Do you ever feel like despite how much time energy and money you put into your business, that you’re just another carbon copy of someone else?

Feeling like a fraud, or a copy of someone else, is problematic because you find yourself in a powerless, reactive, small position. The truth is that you do bring strength and genius and talent and value to your life, your teams, your work. Greatness is all over the place but you’re the one most blind to your own strength. You never feel completely at home with what you’re here to do. As we’ll see, that’s how the game is rigged.

What is the Rigged Game?

Have you noticed how many people are experiencing being trapped in their lives? Let’s put aside planetary and societal issues like climate change in slavery — I mean for now that people like you and me who can read struggle, suffer, and feel buried alive after a lifetime of decisions and commitments. All while trying to create a great life.

There’s no shortage of personal growth, self-development, corporate leadership, inspirational blogs and life coaches. Yoga is all physical and now mindfulness and meditation is a thing. Yet… there is a very insidious, subtle, sneaky problem that keeps most of that work from working: the persuasive and persistent feeling that something is wrong and you are broken.

What if you’re not broken?

For years I couldn’t make a move forward without feeling like a fraud. I searched for purpose, meaning, clarity, and only found it in the creative spaces of my own imagination. The moment I met with other people, my confidence diminished.

How many limiting beliefs have you looked at? How many retreats have you taken? How much do you want escape and get to the greener grass, change the world, make your impact and leave your legacy? Me too!

What’s actually happening?

Beneath it all was the question — what is MINE to do? What do I want to do? Why do I feel insane instead of confident with ideas I know are possible? It was like A Beautiful Mind but a little less insane.

Today I have a very clear sense of what it is I do to make a difference. I have a very deep clarity about what is mine to do. There’s no more concern about being a carbon copy of anyone else. And the journey has given me a very different experience of purpose, vision, and mission from what else is out there.

Why is it that you can feel like a carbon copy when you’re clearly you? Everything you’ve learned about how to survive and succeed has come from people you’ve been around, seen, and learned from.

Who you are is, in a sense, a receiver of contribution from every person and idea you have ever met. You are the result of everything that has come before, and will continue to be. But that doesn’t tell us what we do. And worse, no perfectly-crafted purpose statement will ever get it right forever because it’s missing something… we need a different method than one based in right/wrong. We need clarity.

What else is possible?

Can you allow yourself right now to feel the sense or calling you have? The experience that there is of course something that is yours to do, yours to give, and your whole life is the whole of that gift? Does your body relax and feel alive, even if you haven’t quite found it, put your finger on it, named and completed it yet?

There’s something you do that’s very important, valuable, good, true and beautiful. But you’ve been missing it if you’re looking for a single thing, a right answer that lasts, or a something at all.

What I’ve discovered is that you don’t do some-thing. You bring transformation.

What you really do, I propose, is provide a unique transformation from something to something else. Like fitness before-and-after pictures, but on a totally different and more amazing level.

When you understand the fundamental transformation you provide, without even trying, your whole life makes new sense. Your troubles feel better, the future clearer, your needs soften, your resistance relaxes, and something deep comes alive inside you.

I call this the “Bigger Game You’re Already Playing” because so many people told me I was playing small and that never helped. It turns out that when we look at your life, this fundamental pattern reveals itself quickly. It turns out, that your Bigger Game is the heroes journey for your whole like. You play this out in your work, relationships, your body. It’s the primary pattern you go through to learn and grow and contribute. It’s the great and crappy ways you show up in the world, and is the experience of all your wins and losses.

Therefore it’s the territory you know the best and better than anyone else on the planet. Your Bigger Game gives you your unique point of view, your stand in the world, and is the architecture of your legacy.

When you begin to consciously align with your Bigger Game, you generate your values, purpose, vision, mission with more confidence. You start living your life by knowing yourself and receiving from others instead of copying others and losing yourself.

How can you have that?

The old way was to go out and play a bigger game, model success, get educated, follow someone else’s path. This will never go away completely, and it shouldn’t. Human achievements of all kinds are never completed entirely alone. There’s always contribution to acknowledge. Yet…

The next way means recognizing that one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to try to play a bigger game. That doesn’t work well for a simple reason: if you think you need to play a bigger game then you accidentally ignore the bigger game you’re already playing. That’s like saying you need to glass of water when you’re holding a glass of water. People look at you funny.

Instead, a certain magic happens when you acknowledge the bigger game you’re already playing. Your unique path becomes more apparent. The magic of you becomes more potent. The implications for loving your life and feeling at home on the planet reveal themselves.

Even if you don’t consciously KNOW what the bigger game is for you in words and actions and projects or relationships or self-care, you may find some relief right now when you say to yourself, “I’m already playing the bigger game I’m here to play. I wonder what else I can learn about that now, and choose more of it, and enjoy more of it, and share more of it?

The First Acceleration for Your Impact is to Reveal Your Bigger Game

Start by Revealing the Bigger Game You’re Already Playing so you know the exact way you transform your world and your direct path of evolving your power.

Alex Iglecia, MA is the creator of Accelerate Your Impact: Uncover the Unique Magic You Have to Transform the World. You can experience it here.

Thanks for being epic




Want clarity? Renewed energy? A shift in your state and increased resilience? You just need the right questions and a different point of view.

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Alex Iglecia, MA

Alex Iglecia, MA

Want clarity? Renewed energy? A shift in your state and increased resilience? You just need the right questions and a different point of view.

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