What Will You Do Next Time you Fall?

Alex Iglecia, MA
2 min readMar 14, 2021

Today is my wife’s birthday. I woke up without a card.

My plan had been to wake up early and log my daily mile by finding the right card at the store. I sprang out of bed. Prepped to run and got moving. Yes, I found the perfect card for her (with cute sloths).

On the run back, holding the perfect card in one hand and audio-book-playing phone in the other, a foot hit a (giant) sidewalk ledge and I began to eat it.

Hands free, my body rolled. Not a perfect martial arts roll like when I was more practiced, but a sideways good-enough roll. A solid roll that channeled momentum and launched me up again running, surprised and shocked.

I started slowing down when a voice said: “I love myself.”

Right! I was listening to “Love Yourself Like your Life Depends on It” by Kamal Ravikant. “I love myself” I said out loud as I continued running.

Then my mind spoke up: You idiot.

My mouth: “I love myself.”

Mind: That roll sucked. The card is dented. Shit.

Mouth: “I love myself.”

Mind: Wow cool! That’s the feeling of your nervous system going into fight & flight. Let’s observe and process this.

Mouth: “Even though all this, I love myself.”

You’re going to trip one day. Stumble, fall and start to eat it.

It will be okay.

Your body knows how to survive. Your mind has learned tricks of your trade even though it can plays tricks.

At the end of the day, or the beginning, you get to choose.

Everything before today has prepped you for what is coming. Opportunity could look like a win. Or a fall.

What will you choose?

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