You’re a world leader, like it or not.

Alex Iglecia, MA
4 min readJul 29, 2016


Welcome home.

With every social media share, your worldview informs others and gets reinforced in you. With every dollar you spend, your beliefs influence what organizations and peoples thrive.

We’re in a global world and many people are scared. How do you know? Certainty. Look at how much certainty you see in the news, in debates, in the mirror. Certainty hides fear. Listening reveals safety. Groups come together from fear. Some love, sometimes, possibilities, sometimes. Most often, fear.

Fear of being alone, not making it, not getting something. Fear of losing to the other, of never being enough, or never being loved.

How often to groups form to celebrate, honor, and move forward from greatness?

How do you even do that?

A curated group of movers & shakers is forming for three reasons:

  1. You’re not about doing. What magic have you already brought to the planet through your life? What are your life’s messages and what happens when you share them freely?
  2. You’re not about worldview. What other options are there in business and life when we take the blinders off?
  3. You’re not about beliefs. What connection is possible when we look deeper than beliefs and recognize the deep contribution we all bring?

We don’t live alone. Cliché. We’re all connected. Cliché. It’s one big blue planet. Cliché. AND TRUE.

What if we come together and teach and learn from NOT-separation. From a deeper place so many yearn for? You have a bigger game you’re already playing. It can be known, and knowing it his half the battle. ;)

You HAVE a bigger game you’re playing ALREADY.

That’s why it feels so wrong and heavy when people tell you you’re playing small.

It’s people’s f*cking judgment but you take in on as real, sometimes.

Take this post, for example.

“You don’t want it bad enough.” has no listening to it. Just certainty. No space to discover what’s true. No question about what do you want bad enough that you’re maybe not admitting, that if you did, would set you free? No questions at all. Just certainty, masking fear, creating shame, cultivating stuckness.

Even “what the speaker really meant” has no questions to it. Just another interpretation. Truth is, we don’t know the real reasons why the protagonist of this story has had such a hard time. We can’t know, until we get to the root of his or her depth.

Then sometimes it’s not them judging you, it’s you.

Ever take your own judgy thoughts as real? The ones you take as real are the ones you don’t even notice. Even that certainty is covering up fear. I never thought I beat myself up in my head, until I realized the scenes I played of other people beating me up and tearing me down in my head was the self abuse I was looking for.

When I stopped fighting the inner fighting, I started connecting to more of my power. When you listen to you, you hear the messages of life coming through you.

The real value you bring is something your whole life has set up.

Like Steve Jobs’ caligraphy story, how many strengths and talents have you accumulated that you don’t even recognize? That you thought was just you fucking around and being off track?

How many dreams do you have that have been judged by you or others, and then you made you wrong and forgot how to unlock yourself? You have the keys, I promise you that.

It takes just two questions to outline your life’s theme, but it’s how you look at them that matters.

What are your greatest achievements?

What’s your greatest fear?

These questions open up a world of seeing the evolution playground you’ve always been playing in. Your soul’s classroom. Your life’s gym.

You can have an endless supply of confidence if you know what to do with the answers inside you already.

The moment you get clear about the BIGGER GAME YOU’RE ALREADY PLAYING — everything resets. Refreshes. Makes more sense. You don’t have to feel broken. You do stuff, but you don’t have to try so hard.

James Altucher has a point. The quest for a single purpose has ruined many lives. We need a different perspective. You don’t have one purpose, so you can never find it. It’s the wrong question.

I’ve pioneered a very different approach to purpose, vision and mission for the last few years. It’s radical. And powerful. It’s changing lives.

Truth is — you’re never trapped. You are the key.

You’ve been doing what you do all your life. It’s been a ride, a journey, and adventure.

There is a mental-emotional territory you’ve been mastering and will continue to love, hate, and master.

What’s this bigger game you’re already playing that creates everything you’ve ever done and will be and will do?

Clarity of your Contribution

This Bigger Game Accelerator you’re invited to is about the magic we’ll unlock together.



Alex Iglecia, MA

Want clarity? Renewed energy? A shift in your state and increased resilience? You just need the right questions and a different point of view.